Billionaire - Parker Brother's Game of Global Enterprise


Billionaire - Parker Brothers' Game of Global Enterprise


Billionaire is an investment game. The players attempt to invest in various businesses around the world and gain control of those businesses from other players.

The game starts with each player taking five "profit" cards. (Profit cards are used as money in the game.) The players then take turns moving around the board and taking action based on the squares they land on. Some squares allow the player to draw more profit cards or to draw "Power Play" cards. Power Play cards are used to challenge other players in the game or to defend against challenges. Sample Power Plays include Proxy Fights or Espionage.

If the player lands on a "sealed bid" square, an investment is drawn and the player who landed on the square looks at it. All players then write their bid on the slates provided and the player who made the highest gains the investment. The winner pays the player who landed on the square the amount bid and takes the investment card.

Analysis squares allow the player to analyze investments owned by other players. The game includes an "Analyzer", which consists of two spinners which are marked red on one end and green on the other. Depending on how the spinners come up the player may gain control of the investment or the owner may receive new Profit cards.

Players may also analyze investments when they land on another player's Headquarters square. When they land on or pass their own headquarters they gain more Profit cards.

The first player to reach a net worth of 1 billion dollars is the winner.


Billionaire has a good number of interesting components. The "magic erase" slates for the sealed bids are interesting and the Analyzer is unique as far as I know. Unfortunately, the game really isn't that interesting. There is a good deal of player interaction but most of it is in the form of "hostile takeovers". Perhaps this is accurate as a business simulation but for some reason I never found this one to be that much fun.


One thing I do find amusing is the box art. It shows an overly serious investment tycoon behind a desk with models of his holdings; trains, planes, ships, construction equipment, oil refineries, buildings and, near the building, the lunar module used to land on the moon during the Apollo program (see the image to the right). Where did that come from?

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Kevin at January 8, 2008 17:17 said:
I have to agree heartily with you that this game just isn't that fun. I had high expectations for this game after purchasing it from Deseret Industries, but after two games my wife, brother, and sister-in-law are all done with it. Worth playing once though. And definetly worth the $2 I paid for it!
Anonymous at November 6, 2008 20:16 said:
Correction,twenty two dollars from Dessert Industries.
ethan parrett at April 27, 2009 21:18 said:
sounds fun,where can i buy it?
George at August 20, 2010 23:18 said:
I remember seeing this game for sale back in the day, and thought it would be cool to play because the playing pieces were everything you saw on the cover. Or so I thought. I'm glad I never splurged on it.
Tom Vinciguerra at November 6, 2010 19:58 said:
At the age of 12, I thought this game was incredibly fun, with the idea of investments in the millions fascinating. The only problem was the "Analyzer," which kept breaking. Parker Bros kindly sent me two replacements but they both broke. If I could get another one, I'd play it again!
SJ at March 2, 2011 12:00 said:
We played the game so much the Investment Property cards wore out and had to be hidden from view.
Patrice at August 19, 2011 21:25 said:
I just found it at Deseret Industries for only $2.00. It is complete except for the spinner. Will be watching for another game with a spinner. Was great fun to play as a kid.
Anonymous at April 4, 2012 19:31 said:
daniel gordon sparrow
DB at April 25, 2012 08:44 said:
I had this game as a kid. I still have it at age 50 with everything intact, except we lost a black pen. My kids 10 & 9 love the game and want to play it with me often. They can't understand why it was only made a couple of years. I like that it plays fast and we can get a game in after dinner before bedtime. I tell them to be careful with the analyzer or the game is shot.
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Duncan at September 27, 2012 23:39 said:
I came here from Weird News which has a link to this page where there brief entry on this game. You gave a much more in-depth description of the game and it sounds interesting but I wouldn't pay that much for it. Does the analyzer spin around? That's what it looks like. It would be pretty fragile considering that's 40 year old plastic. Seems like yesterday to me. Even though I never played this game I do remember 1973. Now I'm gonna make money with Liberty Reserve! Yippee!
Tom at January 29, 2013 16:36 said:
I was able to find this game at Goodwill for $2 - worth a shot!
lizell binagatan at November 20, 2013 19:04 said:
can i ask a question?where do i can buy a billionaire board game here in the philippines.can you please help me with can email me at

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