Amoeba Wars - Game of Galactic Conquest

Amoeba Wars

Game of Galactic Conquest

Avalon Hill - 1981
2 - 6 Players; Ages 12 - Adult


The old Empire has collapsed. The players, as Space Lords, are attempting to reunify the galaxy once again. Their goal is the conquest of the planet Saestor, the capital of the old empire. Two things stand in their way; the other Space Lords and the dreaded Space Amoebas.

Amoeba Wars is the game of the attempt by the Space Lords to conquer Saestor and establish the new Empire. Each player starts on their home world with a small fleet of ships. There are five types of ship; Scouts, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, Battlestars and Monitors. Players expand to conquer other solar systems. An unoccupied solar system can be conquered easily, systems containing ships belonging to other Space Lords or systems infested with Space Amoebas are more difficult.

Meanwhile, the other players are attempting to do the same thing. The Amoebas are spreading into the galaxy on their own and the two Doomsday Machines left by the old Empire are randomly moving around the galaxy leaving a trail of destruction.

The more solar systems the player controls the more ships they can produce. Eventually, one player can build up a large enough fleet to attack Saestor and defeat the Amoebas there. The first player to do so wins.


Amoeba Wars is a fun game. The rules are quite simple and easy to learn but there is enough going on that the game never gets boring or predictable. Temporary alliances are constantly forming as players team up to attack whoever is in the lead and a sudden Amoeba expansion or the appearance of a Doomsday Machine can disrupt even the best laid plans. While about as realistic as a '50s sci-fi movie, the game is a lot of fun; even for those players who do not normally play "war games".

4 comments on Amoeba Wars:

Chadney at May 26, 2013 13:39 said:
I had forgotten all about this game and all of the countless hours I'd spent playing years ago until I stumbled onto your page. Great memories! I've got to find a copy and start playing again!
Wayne at April 14, 2013 16:10 said:
I have been trying to remember this game's name was for quite some time now. I remember playing it as a kid. Finally I have found it and now I will see about acquiring one.
This Game is Amazing! at May 4, 2009 18:17 said:
Twice every year I get together with 11 other friends for a weekend. We have an Amoeba Wars Tournament, and once a year it is to see who will be crowned Space Lord. The winner I gets the Space Lord robe and a Dio album. We mostly drink beer and give each other a hard time. It is all about puppet stringing. Best game ever. Nothing like losing your base from laser beams before you get a turn! Crouching tiger and hidden dragon is usually the best approach.
Melissa at March 30, 2009 10:41 said:
This is an AWESOME forgotten game ;-)

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