Kreskin's ESP - Do You Have Extra-Sensory Perception?

Kreskin's ESP

Do you Have Extra Sensory Perception?

Milton Bradley - 1967
1 or more Players


Do you have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)? The Kreskin's ESP game is designed to help you find out. There are two portions to the "game". In the first the player attempts to determine what symbols are on a given test card. In the second, a pendulum is used over a set of cards to get answers to questions. The direction the pendulum swings in will determine either letters (on the main board) or yes-no type answers on the smaller boards.


Kreskin was a very popular "mentalist" in the late '60s. He's still around, I saw him on David Letterman fairly recently. His act consisted of things like identifying peoples Social Security numbers. This game was one of many "ESP" or "Fortune Telling" games which came out at about the same time. (Some others were the Ouija board (of course), Ka-Bala and the Jean Dixon Horoscope Game.)

As a game there isn't much to this one. Either it works for you or it doesn't. It doesn't for me. With the pendulum it's fairly easy to influence the swing and produce the "answers" you want and "real" answers may be the result of subconscious influence.

9 comments on Kreskin's ESP:

Mary. Nov. 5, 2013 at November 5, 2013 20:14 said:
Back in the early 90's I went to see Kreskin in Wilmington, NC. I had this game as a child and loved it. I took the game with me to the show. Afterwards I was in the lobby, he saw me holding the game and made a beeline to me. He said he hadn't seen one in years and even remembered how much he made off each game, which I do not remember. He autographed the box for me. Signed it ESPecially Yours, Kreskin !! Made my day !!!!
Criswell the Psychic Weatherman at July 10, 2013 21:21 said:
Several years ago, I attended one of Kreskin's shows. I received the very rare benefit of being called onstage TWICE because I was left-handed. "You, there, in the back, with your left hand raised!" he called. Since raising my left hand was such a natural act, I did not realize he meant me until my friends pointed it out to me. He is most certainly a white man, wearing glasses, and quite tall.
Stephen at May 25, 2009 07:22 said:
kreskins the best out there at what he does. Anyone who disputes that fact is a fool!!!!
Anonymous at November 6, 2008 19:14 said:
I also had two friends who were very interested in the psychology section of their library.I didn't realize at the time that they were into clandestine ESP Research.
The Real kreskin at August 12, 2008 17:10 said:
Born in Montclair New Jersey, Kreskin was fully fascinated with magic by the age of five. It was during childhood games, that Kreskin?s remarkable ability to find hidden objects emerged. This fascinating and unusual gift made him stand out among his peers, forcing him to assume the role of omniscient observer. From this point of view, Kreskin was able to harness and refine his gift and began to perform for neighborhood children. At the age of eleven, Kreskin revealed an uncanny determination beyond his years when he received permission to study the entire psychology section of his local public library. Kreskin credits the childhood influence of ?Mandrake the Magician? comic books, radio/television pioneer Arthur Godfrey, and magnetic televangelist Bishop Sheen for the direction of his career.
Tara at June 28, 2008 15:49 said:
Wikipedia says that Kreskin was born in Montclair, NJ (not Jakarta). Your comments are interested though, Soylent. I don't know anything about his personal life or peanut butter and rice or any crimes he may have committed (that is not listed online anywhere). But I'm sure your story would make for an interesting book or movie. BTW--you say you were a close friend of his. Was that in the past? By the nature of your comment, it sounds like you are no longer friends with him. Did he screw you over or anything? What is your tale?
the soylent-green scarfer at April 23, 2008 02:22 said:
I am deeply disturped by the cover art on this game. Kreskin was a close friend of mine, and I can state without fear of contradiction the following axiomic truths: Kreskin was not a white man and never wore glasses. Kreskin was actually a sadistic pervert from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Kreskin would be overcome with spasms of rapturous delight when he contaminated his neighbors' rice with peanut butter, and never tired of committing this most heinous of felonies.
In addition let me say that Kreskin was not a mentalist. He was a criminal and should have been in jail.
yours very truly,
the soylent-green scarfer
Cathy Pritchard at March 24, 2008 06:36 said:
i remember that game!!!!!! OMG i AM SO HAPPY
Neal O'Brien at March 24, 2008 06:33 said:
Awsome game. I bought it as a wee child and loved it ever since. It is a must have in any household.

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