Wide World Travel Game - Parker Brothers's Air Travel Game

Wide World Travel Game

Parker Brothers' Air Travel Game

Parker Brothers - 1957
2-6 Players


In the Wide World Travel Game the players fly around the world to a list of destinations collecting cargoes at each then attempt to return to their starting point before the other players. Each player is given a set of "destination cards" and looks at the first one. They then move their plane toward that location by rolling a die and moving that many places. If they roll a 6 or land on a red circle they must draw a "travel agent" card and follow the instructions on it.

When the players arrive at their destinations they draw two "product cards" then turn over their next destination card and start moving towards it. They look at the product cards then put them face down in front of them and do not look at them again. They have to memorize what is on the cards though because they may have to tell what the products are and where they come from as a result of a travel agent card.

When a player has visited all of their destinations they must return to their starting point. The point values of all of their cargoes are added up and the player with the highest point total is the winner.


This game has a large number of unusual features. The "airplanes" look more like Buck Rogers style spaceships and the starting and ending point is in Antarctica. Players can "bump" the planes belonging to other players and send them off in random directions.

The cards are interesting. The destination cards are like almanac entries with information about each country (capital, population, area, important products and industries). The product cards don't simply give the name of a product, they say things like "An important product of Turkey is Mohair Wool". Travel agent cards may force a player to move to a specific location, give them a free product card or require all players to name the product and origin on their top two product cards or lose them.

The game is interesting because with the information on the cards it could almost be used in a geography class. The game board is also interesting in that it is a map of the world as of 1957 with the political boundaries as they were at time. Remember Anglo-Egyptian Sudan? How about the country of Indo-China? An interesting and educational game.

71 comments on Wide World Travel Game:

JanetB at April 30, 2013 23:16 said:
Just sold my game to "The Future Antiques" in St Louis. It had cool metal airplanes.
BradOrlaMaeve at April 20, 2013 14:47 said:
Great game - weather map in 70's version a great addition. Rules question for any players - some of the product cards in our set have a black dot in the bottom right corner. Some don't. Seems unrelated to the point values. Not covered in the rules - does anyone have any ideas??
Rita Keep at February 18, 2013 20:16 said:
Can I buy one here? We used to play this every Sunday when I was growing up...
Martha Goertzen at January 10, 2013 20:08 said:
I would like know where I can purchase this game . wide world travel board game
Meadowmom at December 27, 2012 19:35 said:
Last year for New Year's Eve, our family bought 2 old classic games, Sorry and Trouble. We decided to make it a tradition to ring in the New Year with a games night.
Karen Atwater at November 18, 2012 00:00 said:
As a young girl we had no TV only a raido. For Christmas my parents bought the game of Wide World for my sister and I.Oh weplayed it for hours. Day after day. We had so much fun with this game .We only had Bingo as far as having another game. Wide World was the best thing that we could od ever dreamed of having as we didn't have much cause there was 6 other kids before us.This game helped me and my sister with our history many of times.And I can remember our teacher telling us we were her best students when it came to knowing our countries and where they were located.Oh ,We loved that game. I would give anything to find it even though I'm now 60 years old. I would give anything to be able to sit down today and play Wide Wourld again with my sister and also teach my grandchildren how to play it. Over the years I've searched for this game every where we went but haven't been able to find it. If anyone knows where I can find this game I'd be so grateful.You can contact me at kays.roses@yahoo.com. I'm just so excited to finally read that some other children enjoyed this game also.I would love the old version of this game. Have fun to all you that has this game.
betty65 from albuquerque at November 16, 2012 09:53 said:
The game box was huge--we played on the living room carpet. my sis and I played this game for hours---boy, this game gave me a big headstart in grade school when it came time for geography memorization and tests.
Julie at October 29, 2012 12:34 said:
I have my childhood 1957 World Wide game, complete with all original pieces for sale. The box has a 3" piece missing from the side panel, but is otherwise in great shape. Contact me at "schneide@missouriwestern.edu".
Chervisualian at October 25, 2012 22:30 said:
Where i buy this. I had it when i was kid i miss that i loved it!
Angela at October 13, 2012 20:14 said:
I'm so glad you had your web page! We have the Wide World game and when we got it out tonight the directions were missing. Thankfully, we found a pdf of the directions on your page and printed them off. Let the good times begin!
Frank Weber at September 6, 2012 00:21 said:
I loved this game back when I was a kid in the 70's.But, in the decades since have not seen a copy since.Until... a few years ago I happened to find one in a board game section of Value Village.I bought it and brought it home,and there it was.The board,the little plastic planes on pedestals,the weather map,destination and produce cards.I have played it with my kids and they love it as much as I did 35 years ago
Melissa at July 15, 2012 09:04 said:
Does anybody know where I could purchase Wide World these days? It was my favourite game as a kid and I would love to noiw play it with my own kids!
romelia.hindle@yahoo.co.uk at July 12, 2012 16:36 said:
Please let me know if you have an updated Wide World with the latest information and a map as it is now? It is such fun to play with the grand children. Such laughs we had playing it for the first time for years and years. I would love to buy the latest updated one. Thanks, Rom?e.
Helen at March 25, 2012 08:34 said:
Wow, it's great to read about how others remember this game. My grandfather bought it for me as a Christmas present in 1961, even though I couldn't yet read. No one ever read me the instructions, so I used to make them up until I could finally read some years later. I remember it was such a big board--oversize compared to Monopoly, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders. The instructions were confusing about the weather guide, especially before I could read well-- I did used to wonder what to do with that piece of plastic with black grid lines that matches the size of the grid lines on the board. Yes, I finally learned that it was supposed to be moved clockwise when the player rolled "6"--that way if you were really close to your destination, you might get moved far away, and it would take you longer to get there. The destination cards were light blue, and there were six "airplanes" as the player's counters: green, red, blue, yellow, black, white?
I remember being fascinated by the map and names of places. I think the destination cards had descriptions of the countries, right? Reading all your comments really is nice. So glad some of you still have it. Mine got thrown out or given away when I left home---thanks to other family members who couldn't care less--I would have loved to have kept it.
My grandfather died a couple of years after that Christmas--he never lived to find out that I ended up spending a good part of my life travelling. My guess is that my grandfather bought it because it was the biggest board game in the store. He probably liked it too because it was a bright red box....I still remember tearing the wrapping paper off it. It was such a big box, so it always had to put on the bottom of the stack of the other board games which were kept them under the eaves of the house upstairs in a little crawl space next to my bedroom. It was even bigger than the box for Life, which was bigger than the one for Monopoly.
Ava at February 26, 2012 17:00 said:
Does anyone have a picture of the weather chart.
MFarnsworth at February 3, 2012 13:08 said:
I have used this game in school with Middle Schoolers. In this age of electronic games, kids still like this a lot. I used my board to compare and contrast the countries with today's maps and spark conversations about the changes.
Mark at October 30, 2011 08:09 said:
If anyone has a copy of the rules for the 70's version (with the 747's and the plastic overlay) I'd appreciate it if you could scan and send me a copy.
Steve at August 10, 2011 08:32 said:
I have apparently an older game than the one's mentioned. Game includes playing board, 4 planes, 4 ships, 6 wide world tickets, stack of green ship cards, stack of pink plane cards, and rules that mention copyright date of 1933. Object of game is to be 1st person too reach Manila.
gwen at July 28, 2011 21:32 said:
Just purchased a wideworld game but cannot find the same box as mine online since mine has "made in Canada by Parker Brothers toronto". The copyright is 1962 but the cover of box doesn't look like the others I've seen. Does anyone else have one like mine? Just curious.
Sue at July 9, 2011 16:23 said:
Great game, bought mine on ebay a couple of years ago. Causes a few arguments every time we play because of the fuzziness of the rules.
donna at May 14, 2011 11:09 said:
Love this game. My dad gave it to me as a child.
bob at February 26, 2011 13:44 said:
i have the game wide world but i'm missing parts. would like to get replacement parts.
gml at February 12, 2011 00:40 said:
I want to buy another wide world game since we were playing game. i loved it. plastic transparency and plane ( toys) and dice and card. i missed so much i love it. it is neat to have. i want to buy ....
Virginia at January 28, 2011 14:56 said:
Found the game in a box of old attic stuff from my grandpa's. small box entitled "Playing Pieces for Hendrik Van Loon's Wide World Game" Parker Bros.Inc.
Salem, Mass., New York, London
Contains 4 planes, 4ships, pink fly to cards, yellowish green dot cards, yellow world wide tickets and instructions, but no game board. does anyone know what I should do with this?
Anonymous at January 12, 2011 12:20 said:
Is the Wide World game still being made? We have an older version that still works fine, showing wear of course but would like to see how things have changed the past fifty years--yes ours is some fifty years old. RGreg2080@aol.com
sharon dueck at January 2, 2011 20:10 said:
I have the game board but I am missing the red plane and a few of the playing cards. Would love to get an extra set of cards and the planes.
Paul Godding at December 13, 2010 01:47 said:
I have similar memories to many people above. Think I had a 1970s version, but unfortunately has been lost due to moving house several times since. Found a copy on Ebay which I am now awaiting delivery, so excited! As a small company who has invented a few educational board games and puzzles recently, I would love to resurrect Wide World by printing a few copies as it seems to be a very popular game. I understand Parker Bros. (now Hasbro??) produced it. Would I need permission to bring this back and create a 21st Century version? Who now has the license? Would love to hear from Wide World fans on info@paulgodding.com.
Barbara at November 30, 2010 08:29 said:
rembember playing this game as a child. It was my friends game and I couldn't remember the name. Only remember the airplane pieces that you moved around. Would love to be able to buy one now.
Kim at November 19, 2010 17:53 said:
This game reminds me of my grandparents that have both passed in the last year. As kids we would go and my granny would already have it set up and was ready to play with us. It was our favorite. Now that they are gone I am desperately trying to find this game for our family. Does anyone know where I can find it?
Alexis at November 8, 2010 09:14 said:
What was the minimum age to play this game? I no longer have the box or instructions.
Mona at September 8, 2010 23:31 said:
my dad came in one day after he was at my grandparent's with just the board, cards, and weather guide no box, tokens....nothing, he said it was a nice game he and his brothers used to play when they were in the U.S. he explained the rules as much as he remembered and we loved it, well if it was worth carrying back to Egypt in 1968 it had to be good :)
Anjali at July 24, 2010 15:01 said:
I used to play a game called 'Go' similar to this. Where can one buy it??
Kevin at June 30, 2010 21:24 said:
Where do I buy this game??????? I used to play it as a kid.
Dale Seymour at April 17, 2010 18:23 said:
I have a set of pieces, cards, rules, etc in good shape, but no board. Thew bos (Henrick Van Loon's) is in good condition. Any offers for these pieces? Dale Seymour (seymourdg@comcast.net)
Wayne "Big Daddy Man" at April 9, 2010 22:31 said:
I found the old 1957 version of this game at my parents house. I loved it as a kid. The instructions are missing so I'm going to check out the website above. Thanks.
agnes at March 13, 2010 19:07 said:
i was looking for something and i came across this game. It was a old game my mom had and the rules were missing but I still had fun!!!
Joanne Forest Holt at March 11, 2010 18:27 said:
Where can one buy this game?
jake at February 10, 2010 13:09 said:
i have 20 Destination cards ,26 Travel Agent cards, and 54 Product cards.
can i still play?
maxime sauv? moise at February 8, 2010 14:00 said:
temp?rature guide missing
grace at January 31, 2010 07:16 said:
hi i have wide world but my cover is diffrent to this one and looks much diffrent and how much is it worth
diggle2@comcast.net at January 19, 2010 17:53 said:
I just acquired some old board games from a local estate. I have the Parker Bros Wide World Game but it is in a box that is different than the 1957 version box. The box I have states Hendrick Van Loon's Wide World Game on the box lid. Looks to be in mint condition. Is this an earlier? vintage version of this game...prior to 1957? Thanks. Feel free to reply directly to my email address (listed above)
katchim at October 25, 2009 08:55 said:
Where can I buy "wide world" board game
denise at July 10, 2009 15:05 said:
I have the game in mint condition. How much would you pay? for it....maybe we can work it out?samdenjer@q.com
Jean Jones at July 3, 2009 09:01 said:
Have an old version with the weather vane: would like to buy it again as my one has been loved to death. Great game.
DTY at June 1, 2009 21:27 said:
According to the rules from the version I have (appears to be 70's) the weather guide starts on the left top corner. When a player (any player) rolls a six, the chart is moved to the top right; the next six rolled and the guide moves to the lower right, etc. If any planes are on any part of the guide when a six is rolled, they move with the guide to the new location. If the guide is moved and planes are in the area the guide will be placed, they are moved off their spaces until the guide is placed, then the planes are put back to the spaces they occupied prior to the guide being placed. This version also does not require a travel agent card to be taken when throwing a six. Only by landing on a pink/red circle can a player take a travel agent card. Hope this helps...
Darrell at April 13, 2009 17:23 said:
My cousin and I were reminiscing recently and this game was mentioned. Our grandmother had the game and we liked to play with it but there were no instructions. I'd be interested in purchasing the game as a gift for cousin, but can't find it anywhere online....does anyone have any idea where I can look?
Ben at January 12, 2009 15:55 said:
Can someone please explain how the weather overlay works? Helen's response (July 5) was a bit confusing. Can someone make a copy of the rules (from one of the later games that include it) so that I can see what they say? I made one out of clear plastic but am not sure how to really use it.
Jim again... at January 8, 2009 20:31 said:
Travis, try putting it on E-bay with a start bid of $10.00 and then a huge reserve price on it, like $1,000 dollars, and see how high the bidding goes. In case you don\'t know, putting a reserve on something means someone has to beat that reserve price or you can cancel the auction.

Since no one will bid a thousand dollars on it (I\'m pretty sure!) you can get a clue about the value AND keep the game.
Jim at January 8, 2009 20:26 said:
The only reason I remembered this game is because up until VERY recently, I had one of the planes. It was dark green, I believe. This game belonged to my sisters, who are 10 yrs older than me, and by the time it got handed down to me it was just the board and a few planes. I don't remember any cards. I wonder what happened to all these old games of ours. I also have ONE complete skeleton from our Dark Shadows game, with no idea how I got it.
Ronin Wong at January 1, 2009 17:17 said:
I played this game when I was a kid. I think my version was updated to the mid-70s. The planes looked more like the big 747 planes. We played this so much that we lots the planes off the tops of the counters and ended up with just the stands.
Aliza Shaya at November 9, 2008 15:58 said:
Where can I buy the game
travis at October 25, 2008 15:17 said:
I recently purchased this game at a garage sale for a dollar and it comes with all the pieces including the instruction manual and is in very excellent condition. How much do you think i could get for it if i sold it?

Linda at October 14, 2008 13:16 said:
We are trying to find out where we can purchase this game in Vancouver BC - Canada
arlene at July 26, 2008 13:24 said:
I am so happy to find the rules of this game found a game that was bought back in 1975 and it had no rules in it.
thanks for still making this possible
Dennis, The Gamepiler at July 22, 2008 10:37 said:
mike, Check the FAQs and Links links in the left sidebar for a list of places where you can find older games on-line.
mike at July 19, 2008 06:52 said:
i would like to buy the game ....i had when i was a kid

Helen at July 5, 2008 23:35 said:
Also, when you land on a square occupied by another plane, that plane is sent back to start.
Helen at July 5, 2008 23:29 said:
We got this game for christmas in 1961 and now we play it with our grandchildren. The weather guide covers 1/4th of the board at a time. When a person throws a 6 the weather moves to the next quarter clockwise. If you are in that quarter when the weather moves in, you are grounded and cannot fly until the weather moves out. You stay on you square until a 6 is thrown again and the weather moves on. If you choose to fly into the weather, then you move with the weather guide when the 6 is thrown. You can continue to move when you fly into the weather. Remember throwing a 6 moves the weather guide, you cannot move your plane. Thats how the weather guide works. You can make one with a heavy plastic and draw the squares on.
Theresa M. at April 3, 2008 18:52 said:
I loved playing this game when I was young. I saw it on Ebay and it brought back so many memories. My parents may still have it at their house somewhere. I'd love to get my hands on one.
Andrew S at March 24, 2008 09:32 said:
sorry - should have said the "Weather Guide" starts in top left corner
Andrew S at March 24, 2008 09:29 said:
My version dates from about 1970. Its still a fun game to play at Christmas. the "Weather Guide" starts in the top right hand corner and moves clockwise every time a 6 is thrown. my version came with a die for each player and we suspect they are slightly weighted as 6 comes up more often than by chance. Its strange that the winner is not the person to reach home first but is the player with most points on the product cards. Despite that rule I dont recall a game when the person home first hasnt won.
John G. at March 5, 2008 06:51 said:
I was cleaning our basement out and came across my old copy of this game - which I got as a child in the early 1960's - what a "trip" ! It brought back a lot of memories about how much fun it was to play this simple but enjoyable game was.

My old copy of the rules was missing from the box (but everything else seems to be there), so I printed the game rules from the site listed by 'Dennis' above. These do seem to be the "old" rules, as I KNOW that mine described the plastic overlay - called the "Weather Guide" - and how the weather guide moves to the next grid (clock-wise) when a player rolls a 'six', but the player doe not move, unless he/she is on the Weather Guide itself at the time. This does seem to be the only real difference in the rules though.
Dennis, The Gamepiler at January 7, 2008 10:04 said:
The weather chart is clear plastic overlay that goes over the board. It periodically moves, carrying the player's pieces with it.

My version of the game does not have the chart and there is no mention of it in the rules; I suspect it was added in a later edition.
Jackie at January 4, 2008 09:47 said:
Is the "weather chart" an approx. 9" clear sheet with a black 1" grid, incl. N, S, E and West indicators? How is this piece used?
JORDAN at December 29, 2007 11:35 said:
ya you forgot about the weather chart =P
Stephen at November 14, 2007 15:06 said:
The set I have is different to the pictured one. Ours goes back to the 70s. No spaceships, but 747s instead. It also has a weather chart that can move at any time, putting players off course. The facts are out of date, though. Has anyone updated it
Dennis, The Gamepiler at October 21, 2007 20:50 said:
Check the FAQs and Links links in the left sidebar for a list of places where you can find older games on-line.
MIKE at October 20, 2007 21:12 said:
I would like to buy this game please tell me what i have to do
joel at October 20, 2007 05:14 said:
i like this game very much
Dennis, The Gamepiler at October 13, 2007 17:08 said:
The game has 20 Destination cards, 28 Travel Agent cards and 56 Product cards.

You can find a copy of the rules (PDF Format) at http://www.gamepile.com/gamerules/wideworld.pdf
angela valverde at October 13, 2007 13:32 said:
i have a question how many cards the game come with, since i have and old game, and no instructions to find out how many cards of each there are thank you

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