Acquire - High Adventure in High Finance


High Adventure in the World of High Finance

3M Company - 1968
2-6 Players


Acquire is a game of hotel investment and development. The game is played on a 12 x 9 numbered grid. The players take turns placing numbered tiles on the corresponding square on the grid. The tiles represent hotels. When two or more tiles are placed adjacent to each other a "chain" is formed. Players may purchase stock in hotel chains. The more tiles which make up the chain the more the stock is worth.

When a tile is placed in such a way as to connect two chains the chains merge and the larger chain absorbs the smaller. The top two stockholders in the losing chain receive compensation for the merger. All players can then reinvest their stock as they see fit.

A chain of 11 or more hotels cannot be taken over and is called a "safe" chain. When all of the chains on the board are "safe" and no more tiles can be played the game is over. The players calculate their stock values and the player with the highest net worth is the winner.


Acquire was the first of the "business simulation" games released as part of the 3M bookshelf series and is probably the best known. As a business simulation it is quite abstract but as a game it works very well, with the players having to carefully decide how to manage their stocks and investments and how to play their tiles so as to maximize the worth of their holdings. Players do find themselves taking the mentality of a stock investor; buying heavily into a chain just so it can be merged into another and a profit taken or dumping stock in a chain before it is bought out and the stock rendered worthless. Games magazine ranks this as one of their all time classic games, a rating it certainly deserves.

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tsyokawe at May 30, 2014 13:23 said:
Well, the post above mine is definitely irrelevant.

I loved playing Acquire. My game is one of the old 3M versions from the 60s. That's when our father taught us how to play.

I taught my daughter. Then, much later, she taught her husband, who taught his brother and sister-in-law. They taught their friends, and so on.

At 43, I enrolled in UM, and my daughter's brother-in-law and HIS wife were also there. We all lived in student housing. I can't tell you the weekends we all played marathon Acquire when we shoulda been studying.
elsif at August 14, 2013 09:23 said:
You can play Acquire online for free with others that truly know the game inside and out.

...has the links to the two options of NetAcquire clients.

Recently added 4 Acquire game servers with automatic failover, and stats/leaderboards amongst other game tools including support for TEAMS play.
Aaron Goering at December 10, 2012 14:00 said:
I grew up playing this game with my family. It became a Saturday night ritual and I can honestly say it is one of my fondest memories. Thirty years later and I still love it!!!
Aquire Fanatic at September 27, 2012 09:57 said:
I have obtained many copies of this great game and i have a few suggestions: 1. dont buy the new version, cardboard does little justice to this classic game. 2. Ebay is a great way to obtain the classic versions, keep watching they do come up. 3. classic game stores in your local mall may also stock this game (remember stick to classic versions) Enjoy this great game!
Eric at July 9, 2012 13:08 said:
I have bought quite a few bookcase games on EBAY. It seems to work well. Let me know, which way you go. I would be very interested in buying some of them, I'm sure. My email address is:
Chuck at May 28, 2012 21:36 said:
I have more than 100 3M bookshelf games and also many of the sports games and a few gamettes and some oddities (wierd size e.g.) I would be interested in selling them. Any suggestions besides eBay?
Scott at December 15, 2011 14:25 said:
Here's a coincidence for you. I also have a version of the game with an upside down "3E" and my name is also Scott!
We've played hundreds of games on this board as well. It's a holiday tradition when the family comes to visit.
Replays at April 15, 2010 10:00 said:
We have a 1968 version at our store "Replays" in S. Burlington, VT if anyone is in the area and would like to purchase it.
Dale A. at July 21, 2009 22:08 said:
The upsidedown '3E' is not that rare.

If you want to playh on the internet:
to download a pretty fair implementation.

Avalon Hill board games are all now owned by Hasbro!
Scott at June 22, 2009 16:24 said:
I have a copy of Acquire I bought in the mid-70's with an interesting defect. On the plastic board, the square 3E is printed upside down! Really. Me and my family have played hundreds of games with this copy and we always chuckle at the defect on the board.
Is it possible that this copy of the game is rare and valuable?
Kyle at June 5, 2009 11:36 said:
I know but the detail on the company tiles and the detail on the stock make the newer one more favorable coming from an artist point of view. Someone should ask Avalon Hill if they can create a collector's Edition of aquire that has the best of both worlds!
nickels and dimes at May 1, 2009 17:04 said:
the older versions made in the sixties are the better, the newer ones with the cards instead of the plastic tiles tend to slide around on the board.
Alberto Escobedo at January 28, 2009 20:35 said:
The Acquire Game, exist in Windows system ?
Richard Domeris at December 23, 2008 07:54 said:
Old version of Aquire definately better quality than the new one
Dale A. at December 1, 2008 01:22 said:
There is an Online version out there called NetAcquire which is fairly good.

I have a copy of the old DOS version, but it does not play well, and the 'bot' player cheats! Try NetAcquire. If you like this game you'll enjoy playing with fellow Acquire lovers.
Dale at September 16, 2008 09:25 said:
I have played Aquire for years and feel it's the best ever, I had a Aquire program for the palm but when I got a ipac I couldn't find a program for it.

If anyone knows where I can get an Aquire program please let me know ..

Eric at August 31, 2008 20:10 said:
The new version of Acquire is terrible. I have the 3M and 1999 versions of this game...the new one is just awful. Cardboard pieces, unappealing all around. Find an old version on Ebay instead. at August 7, 2008 13:59 said:
Is there a magnetic, travel-sized version of Acquire? at July 27, 2008 16:16 said:
Yes, you CAN buy an updated version at Barnes and Noble:

If anyone is looking for the rules still, you can email me and I'll type up a document. The rules for the original game were printed on the inside of the lid. at July 4, 2008 19:13 said:
Was just at Barnes & Nobles the other day, and they have a new editions of Acquire! I was amazed, it's the best one of them all!
Pete at June 13, 2008 19:04 said:
Does anyone know where I can get a computer game version of aquire? I used to have it years ago (a dos bassed version), but I lost it.
Sharon at June 6, 2008 08:57 said:
In the 70s my parents bought this game as a "bookshelf" game along with another game called "Lie, Cheat, and Steal".
I have Aquire, but not "Lie,Cheat, and Steal". Does anyone know where I could find it?
The instructions for the bookshelf edition of Aquire are on the inside cover.
Fritz at March 26, 2008 19:25 said:
does anybody have a copy of the instructions???
Dennis, The Gamepiler at October 21, 2007 20:49 said:
There are several versions of Acquire still out there. Check the FAQs link in the left sidebar to get info on the various versions and the Links link for a list of several places where you can buy a copy of the game. at October 20, 2007 21:04 said:
I grew up with this game. Is there is place that I can purchasse it?

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